Friday, May 06, 2005

Knotty Thoughts

Wow, is my brain a jumble of thoughts this morning. Before I get on to the Crochet portion, this is important.

I'm continuing to follow the Jessica Lunsford situation. The florida petition has been successful (I saw a short video on Fox news last night with Governor Bush signing the bill, and I recognized Mark Lunsford there. Watching Mark's progress through dealing with political situation is like watching the transformation of John Walsh. My heart goes out to those families. I also saw some young women and wonder if they were Sarah Lunde's family) and now they're moving on to a national campaign. I urge everyone to go to that site and print the petition, sign it and mail it in.

To keep the crochet theme going, I'm in the middle of a crochet-a-long with the crochetbags yahoo group. I'm almost through with part 4 and waiting for part 5 to be posted. I usually feel compelled to keep up with these things, but I'm beginning to learn to relax a little and not feel panicked if I'm not ready when the leader posts the next group of instructions.

I'm also trying to make a lightweight lacy shawl to wear at daughter's HS graduation. I'm using the Paton's Grace Lavendar (found it on clearance at Michaels for $2.00/skein, I have 6 skeins of same dyelot and 1 that is very very close.. hoping that 6 will be enough, but if not, will fudge with the last) and the Trellis Shawl pattern from the Wrapped in Style booklet. I have made this thing twice, so far.. lol. Made it once and it was too small, so decided to try a BatWing shawl, well as much as I LOVE that pattern, it's not lacy enough for a summer wrap (and late May is summer here in E. Texas). So I've frogged it (after getting 3 skeins worth into it) and now I'm making the Trellis Shawl AGAIN, but have enlarged it by half again. So far so good, but I must say it looks HUGE, but I'm a big girl, so this might work. Hope so, time is running short.

Things not crochet related:

I desperately need to clean this house, I have relatives coming in 2 weeks that haven't been here in 14 years.. and the house looks like it hasn't been cleaned in all that time >>almost a joke<< seriously, I still have things in boxes from when my mom passed away in 1997. What to do, what to do.. if I put them away in the boxes, they'll still be there when I pass away. Then there's the teenagers rooms.. shoot.. I'll just close those doors and lock them. My living room is still full of yarn, I have a couch that is ripped (need to get the upholstery man out to see if it's a hopeless case). And then there's the hail-storm damaged roof. Horrors.

I may just have a nervous break-down. Wonder if I can take my crochet hooks and yarn to the mental hospital or is the only craft they allow basket-weaving? (No offense intended to the truly mentally ill). I can take plenty of grape-vine and learn another craft.. grief.. is OCD setting in or what?

My son is currently on a band-trip to Chicago. He promised he would call when they got there, and he hasn't. I'm trying very hard not to go nuts over that. Daughter is in a community play, Dinner Party by Neil Simon and it starts this weekend. Then later this month we have Band Banquet and Senior Banquet. Too many activities and too little time.

OH, and thanks to my local Freecycles, I've received a whole bunch of vintage Workbaskets. YAHOO!! only problem is storage. Is packratism a disease? Probably so. I may end up on Oprah as an example of how not to live. LOL I gotta watch O this afternoon, she's supposed to have an update on a lady who was an extremely bad housekeeper. eek, could've been me!!!

Well, I guess I better go get started on this mess. Wish I could stay and talk some-more.

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