Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Disco Throw

I'm in the process of making an afghan or throw. What's the difference? I'm guessing it's the size of the thing. Anyhow.. here's a picture of one of the squares being blocked. I don't have a fancy-schmancy blocking board, I just measured out 11 inches with a piece of paper (8.5 x 11, ya know) and marked the edges with some irridescent headed quilt pins. Then stretched the dampened square out to meet the shiny pins and then pinned it down with yellow quilt pins. Not the most professional job in the world, but it works for me.

And here's the throw with 12 of the 20 squares joined. The pattern calls for the squares just to be sewn together, but I DESPISE sewing blocks together, so I used the flatbraid method. I also decided to use a contrasting color to put them together and will go around the outside with a couple rows of the black (really it's a black/grey blend) and then a couple rows of the disco. The pattern is from the wrapper of the Homespun, called homespun crochet lacy blues throw. It is NOT on the Lionbrand site, but I have written to them and asked that they consider addding it.

NOTE: They finally added it.. on July 18th.. Lacy Blues Throw.

I've done much more than this lately, but taking pictures is not my favorite thing to do. I will get them done and uploaded though. We've been very sick here, an awful stomache flu going around that will knock you on your butt for several days. I was so sick that I couldn't even pick up a hook.. and believe me that is SICK. So glad I'm all better now. Just waiting for the last child to get it so we can be finished with it. Posted by Picasa


Joyce Armstrong said...


Your afghan is beautiful. I really like the squares. Do you always block have to block your squares before putting them together? I'm with you on sewing them. I made up a whole bag of baby squares when pregnant with my first, never did put them together. Then just made one big square as a whole afghan for my Mom. Then I guess I just quit crocheting til a month or so ago. I hope this post works. I've been unsuccessful getting anything posted on the blogs I've visited. See you on charitybandits. Thanks for referring me there. I'm learning alot from all of you.
Joyce Ann

CrochetMeMad said...

I just love it.