Thursday, July 14, 2005

I was crocheting when crocheting wasn't cool

Just got through reading a couple of rants and thought I'd share them. The first one by Bellalinda blogging her thoughts regarding Debbie Stoller and her coming to the rescue of crochet. I'm ambivalent about Ms Stoller coming out with a crochet book (someone alert Xavier Hollander..LOL).. sure it's great for "the other art" to be recognized.. but hey, we've been here all along and don't need to take a back seat to anyone or any other craft.

LadyLinoleum at Monster Crochet has a great blog .. with several pertinent posts, but this is one I really agree with.. Knitting Yarn? When did yarn become soooooooooooo specialized? I'm waiting to see some "Crochet Yarn" .. probably will happen after DS's book is published.

Oh, and I found a really great site for patterns.. only it's mainly in Russian. I don't read Russian, but I can figure out some diagrams (or schkemas as they call them). Babelfish to the rescue.

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