Sunday, July 24, 2005

Yarn Addicted.. who me?

Do you think you might be addicted to yarn? Then Ya gotta read Cerridwen's post about yarn addiction. Although she is a knitter (sigh) she has a great sense of humor about how yarn can take over a life. I wish I had written her post.

I dropped a ball of yarn in ranch dressing this afternoon. NO, not on purpose. I kept watching the yarn jump around as I crocheted and thinking I needed to move the bowl before it happened.. and then it did. I guess I get to try out the "yarn in a pair of hose" laundry trick. I already rinsed it off, and it's sitting near the dish drainer. I suppose DH will think I've really gone bonkers, seeing yarn in the dish drainer.

I'm working on trying to figure out this stitch:

I found it originally as a Poncho, but I want to make it into a shawl. I can't find it in my Complete guide to Knitting and Crochet Stitches. I NEED a copy of the Harmony Guides #6 & #7. I hope Josi over at Weird Mirror gets some in soon. I may have to break down and pay a little more than what she sells them for. I have soooooooo many ideas bouncing around in my head.. the number of WIPs keeps growing and growing. argh.

I'm also going to join the Crochet-a-Long at Crochetville for the Catheral Window Afghan. I'm not a big fan of Annie's Attic patterns, but this one is drop-dead-in-your-tracks gorgeous. This one is too pretty and too complicated for me to use plain ole red heart. I will have to find something nicer. After I get the pattern. LOL.. that's going to be a challenge as it's out of print. And I'm too scots to pay too much for it.

1 more day left on my current eBay sales. Gotta get more listed. And that means more pictures..

And need to get 18 y/o a meningitis shot before she heads off to university next month...and she missed her dermatologist appt...and 16 y/o needs to take Spanish 3 final.. and enroll for part-time college classes (to satisfy DAP ~distinguished achievement program~ requirements) .. You'd think it would slow down some over the summer.

Our coffeepot stopped working today too.. Monday isn't going to be a good day.

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