Friday, July 22, 2005

Blogging For Freedom

The Electronic Freedom Foundation is sponsoring a Freedom Blogathon.

Info from their newsletter below.

* EFF Announces "EFF15 Blog-a-thon" - Blog for Freedom!
July 19-August 2

For the past 15 years, EFF has been fighting to preserve
the constitutional right to freedom of expression on the
Internet. In the last few years, we've seen an explosion
of expression as new web publishing tools emerged,
providing countless netizens with their own personal First
Amendment machines. This month is our 15th anniversary
and to celebrate, we're putting these publishing tools
front and center. We're holding an EFF15 Blog-a-thon
where you're invited to blog about your personal
experiences fighting for freedom online - a project to
celebrate new publishing tools, attract new EFF members,
and mark our 15th all at once.

We want to hear about your "click moment" - the very
first step you to took to stand up for your digital
rights - whether it was blogging about an issue you
care about, participating in a demonstration, writing
your representatives, or getting involved with EFF.

As a thank you, we've enlisted an independent panel of
judges to choose from among your posts for "Most
Inspirational," "Most Humorous," and "Best Overall."
At the end of the Blog-a-thon, we'll announce the
names of the three bloggers with the best posts on our
website and in EFFector. We'll also publish the three
best posts on our site and send the authors a blogging
"kit" as an extra thank you: an EFF bloggers' rights
T-shirt, special EFF-branded blogger pajama pants, a
pound of coffee, and a pair of fuzzy slippers!

Follow the links below for details on how to participate
and watch the Blog-a-thon - and for extra inspiration,
check out the posts by EFF staff members and interns
describing their first steps in fighting for online

Join the EFF15 Blog-a-thon!

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