Monday, July 18, 2005

Mystery Thread

I received in an ebay auction some mystery thread on a blue spool. No markings and no clue to where it came from. I thought I had enough to make a shawl. Wrong. Posting this to solicit help in identifying it. It feels like it's all cotton and has a beautiful sheen. It's bigger than size 10, I think it's about size 5.

Above is the shawl in progress, and then there's a bit of the thread next to a size G Boye hook.

Any ideas anyone? I'm thinking maybe the Perle cotton on a spool from Herrschners might be a match. Or maybe some of the thread at Elmore-Pisgah? I'm really leaning towards the Herrschners though because if you look at their picture closely, you can see that the interior cone is blue, the same shade that this thread was wound on. Unfortunately, I can't find the cone this morning.

Thanks to any who can suggest somewhere else to look. I'll probably just order the thread from Herrschners and if it doesn't match.. I'll use it for something else.

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