Thursday, June 16, 2005

Orientation and Crochet

Let me tell you... Florida is HOT HOT HOT. And HUMID HUMID HUMID. I've about died the past two days while going around campus with my daughter. She loves it here.. says she's finally warm. Bless her heart, must be awful to be always cold. Not like I'd know how that is!!!

I'm typing this on her brand new Dell laptop for college, while she takes a nap before going out tonight with her cousin. The two girls are going to go see Mr & Mrs Smith. Growing up 1000 miles apart, I hope the two girls learn to be friends.

I got the nicest comment to my last post..Thank you so much for enjoying my warped sense of humor. :) I promise I'll try and get pics up as soon as I can.

Hoping to get to local yarn store while here. Supposedly the proprieter keeps the door locked until a customer knocks on the door. She only lets you in if she likes the way you look. I've ran across that in cities like Chicago, but never before in the south. Funny!!!

I know crochet is supposed to be big on campus, but haven't seen anything crocheted here yet. I guess it's the's been near 100 the past two days.

Well, time to get back to my hooking obsession. :)

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Deneen said...

It's been hot as all get out here too, in the Northeast. I hope your daughter gets all settled in.