Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lace School In Ireland needs Help

I got the below email in my crochetpartners mail list... I think this is a worthy cause and hope anyone reading my blog will take the time to send an email in support of the project.

I wrote and said that I was from the US and one of my longtime dreams was to visit Ireland and If I ever get to make that dream come true, I'd love to be able to visit a Lace museum.


A very dedicated group of people in Co. Mayo are trying to turn the
building that housed the Muings Lace School into a museum. It is
envisaged that the museum will exhibit Irish crochet lace and hand
knitting with other traditional crafts. There will also be lectures,
courses, workshops in traditional crafts, including crochet lace,
local history, research etc, for adults and children.

This part of Ireland has been left behind by the Celtic Tiger Economy
and could do with the extra jobs generated by increased visitor numbers.

Fibre crafts in general need all the help they can get in Ireland at
the moment. Wool shops are closing. Tivoli Mills are discontinuing
most of their wool yarns and importing only novelty yarns. I had a
long search to just find 100% wool I could felt recently.

You can read about the project here:

You can help by sending emails of support to .
If you would be likely to visit such a place it would be useful to
mention this. I have sent off an email myself but funding boards
would be much more impressed by letters from overseas. They will be making their presentation to the funding body on Wednesday 15 February so need these messages of support as soon as possible.

I am not personally involved in this project and have no affiliation
with it.


Co. Cork, Ireland

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