Thursday, December 29, 2005


I've been on a scarf making kick lately. Here's a picture of a few of the ones I've made from the Christensen pattern at lion brand. I've changed the pattern just a little, mainly making it a little longer, but it's basically the same. These are all at least 6 ft long.

from left to right: (click on the picture to see a larger image)

1.Gray homespun (it might be the Metropolis color, not sure) Ebony Suede & FancyFur Stained Glass.
2. Homespun Windsor, Ebony Suede, Gray Homespun(?), and a Blue Boa (by Bernat).
3. Homespun Windsor, Ebony Suede, Homespun Montana Sky and Peacock Green FunFur (I think this one is my favorite.. wild colors)
4. Homespun Barley, Spice Suede, Homespun Sierra, and Bernat Disco Mr. Brown.
5. Homespun Sierra, Scarlet Suede, Gray Homespun(?) and Paton's Divine Black.

And finally:
6. Homespun Sierra, Spice Suede, Homespun Barley and some strange funfurish type yarn I got at BigLots.

I didn't consider this when making the photo, but the last one on the list is the first one I made. :)
Now I'm working on hats, by my own pattern, to coordinate with the scarves. I'm not doing the funfur stuff on the hats, just the homespun and possibly the suede. I'll get pics of the hats up as soon as I can.

Other news.. the Disco Throw has morphed into an afghan and is complete. And my daughter doesn't like it. Too many bright colors. Oh well.. such is life. I can remember not liking some of the things my mom came up with too. I will find a good home for it.

Other things have been completed.. but not yet photographed. Will post about them when photos are available.

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