Friday, December 02, 2005

Gmail troubles

Gmail has been wonderful.. until some id-i-ot has figured out how to use gmail for file sharing. Ever since that became common knowledge (Nov. 28th) Gmail has SUXXXXXDDDDDD. I can log in, but mail doesn't arrive. Mail was down yesterday, I complained and it came back. Now it's down again. Here goes another complaint email.

And NO, I won't tell anyone how to set up their gmail account for file sharing.. my mail is slow enough as it is. The info is out there if you know how to look.

Here's to hoping that the powers that be at gmail shut down this service so our email can continue. If not, I'll be moving my accounts back to yahoo mail.

I'm a strong supporter of Electronic Freedom, but as the saying goes, your freedom ends when it starts impinging on mine!!!

Listening to: Robert Earl Keen "Merry Christmas from the Family" Love this song. :)

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