Thursday, September 08, 2005

Two Baby Blankets

A blanket I made specifically to donate to the Linus Project. No pattern, I just grabbed a hook and some RedHeart Baby clouds that I had in various colors and started. I intended for it to be a square, but it wanted to be a pentagon. ~~shrug~~ why fight what it wants to be.

colors used were Pale Yellow, Lavendar, Pale Blue, Cotton Candy and one of the Pink shades of Baby Clouds (don't remember the name and too lazy to go find the wrapper).

I took it to one of the drop off places today and the lady taking it thought it was very pretty. I may try to make some more like this.. I kinda like how it turned out. This one is about 35 or 36 inches across. Hope that's a good size for a baby blanket.

Here's another baby blanket made for some online friends of mine who had a baby this past weekend after many attempts and disappointments. This is Red Heart Baby Clouds in Pale Yellow and the pattern is from Lionbrand. It's their Little Victory baby blanket. I usually do this one in white and then border it in the appropriate color, but decided to go monochrome this time, just to be different. Mailed it today. Hope they like it.

I finally heard today from my friends from Chalmette, LA. THANK YOU GOD, they are safe and with family in Florida. Their house is likely gone, but thankfully they have another house on the north side of the lake (where they rode out the storm), so at least they have some options.

I just haven't been able to post about the storm, I've been so worried. We're still trying to contact the ASPCA folks to see about fostering or adopting a pet from the storm. Can't get through to anyone yet.

I'm being urged to finish the honeycomb shawl instructions. The more people ask, the more I don't want to work on it. I understand the urge to make something and am flattered by the admiration of my work, but with the stress from the storm, work, my husband doing the work of two (a colleage has taken ill with metastatic cancer, so my husband is trying to work his job, then drive 30 miles and do another job), a son that I have to sit on to get him to do his homework, and dealing with all the repercussions of lightening striking the house last week.. I'm just not in the mood to write a pattern. SORRY FOLKS!!!

Now that I've had my little rant.... I need to get offline so my son can do homework.

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