Sunday, August 21, 2005

Watch out FSU, here she comes!!!

Letter Pillows I made for my girls dorm room.

KamoKitty that I made for her last summer, to help her being away from her real cat. Don't remember where the pattern came from, but I do know it was online. If/when I do find it again, I'll link it here.

The cat she had to leave behind. :( No animals in the dorms. (other than goldfish type fish)
Don't worry momma, Thunder still gets the Tuna juice on his dry food.

Dads truck, partially packed, getting ready to go.

Ready for FSU!!

They actually left Thursday and moved her in on Saturday. I just haven't been able to emotionally look at the pictures till now. Even now it makes me want to cry to see her pretty face and not be able to talk to her any ole time I want. I know I must let her go and let her grow.. but it's hard. If I let go, she'll be more willing to come back.

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Carolyn said...

Oh my, you are inspiring to me! I don't know why I didn't think about the letter pillows. I must make some for my daughter. We still have her here until after Labor Day. I'm looking for an anteater (UCI's mascot)pattern. I already googled it. No luck.