Monday, August 15, 2005

Pictures?... We got pictures

Pink shawl made from "Conny" yarn. It's a vintage all acrylic imitation mohair yarn from Israel. I don't know the name of the stitch. It looks like a honeycomb to me and that's what I'm calling it till I learn different.

I took a stitch I saw in a japanese pattern book and made it slightly lacier. Maybe someone else knows the name of the stitch. I don't know if I want to fringe this or do anything to the neck edge. I really love this, it's so soft and light. The pattern works from one fingertip to the other, so the sizing is extremely variable. The pattern increases every row and when the shawl is about half the size you want it, then you start making decrease rows.

Close up of the pattern work. (yeah I know it could've used a better background, but I was lucky to get my teen to model at all). I want to call this an "interlocking ring" or "honeycomb" pattern.

Hooded cape from "Wrapped in Style" booklet. I made it with Light n Lofty instead of Homespun, and have not put the funfur on the edge. I dont think I'm going to either, as this was made simply because I had the L&L at an almost free price, and was making this just for the heck of it. I also chose not to go full length. It will probably be given away to someone.

back view. uh.. that's not a tail on the thing, I just didn't have time to weave in the ends before picture taking time. My daughter's best friend is very graciously modeling for me.

Serafina Shawl made in Homespun & M size hook. I think the color name is Antique. Funny story, I made this same shawl in the Mission color for my daughter's theatre teacher, then made one just like this for my son's long suffering English teacher. Then my daughter decided she didn't like the Mission color and wanted one in Antique for her theatre teacher. soooo back to the hook I go. And in the middle of making it, I found multiple flaws in the yarn.. so I write to Lionbrand and they send me not 1 replacement skein, but 3!! so I had enough to make a 3rd shawl. Which I don't know what it's eventual fate will be. Right now I wear it while on the computer when it's cold. I may give it to a friend.

Wrap from a Crochet! magazine (I'll look up which one). The one in the magazine was made with Paton's Grace in Apricot with a multi-color edging of Funfur. This one is made with Omega Sinfonia. I think it's still too short and I'm not sure I will edge with funfur.. maybe just do a picot or a small shell edging.

Close up of pattern stitching.

I have found another pattern book I want to add to my collection. It's Leisure Arts "Stunning Crochet Shrugs". Michaels didn't have it last week and I haven't been able to make it to HL yet. Maybe Thursday of this week. Hope so cuz they've got the Sinfonia on sale. Wouldn't you know it.. when I just bought some 2 weeks ago. Sheesh.


Jenny Moore said...

Your shawls and cape are absolutely gorgeous! I'm thinking I need to buy that pattern booklet for the cape...Great job!

Lisa said...

Thank you! It's a great pattern book. You'll enjoy it.

CrochetCasper said...

I LOVE the stitch pattern in the pink shawl!!! You did a wonderful job and great selection of the yarn.