Sunday, August 21, 2005

Procrastination Pays Off

I've been wanting to go to HobbyLobby for over a week now, and kept finding excuses not to go...too tired, too hot outside, gas is too expensive to make a run JUST for yarn, I got too much yarn already, etc etc etc. And I was really having a battle with myself because the Omega Sinfonia that I like is.. now was.. on sale. But I ended up not going.

I was GOOD!! I was RIGHT!!! I am VINDICATED!!!! Hobby Lobby has the TLC Essentials that I want for my Cathedral Window afghan on sale this week. I'm going first thing Monday Morning and get it. I usually go to work first, then go play, but with all this heat.. I know I won't go shopping if I wait till the afternoon. Thank goodness for part-time jobs that let you set your own hours.. woohoo!!!

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