Friday, August 12, 2005

Comment Spam and Yarn shopping

Oh good grief.. I just got spammed for the first time in my comments. The perpetrator didn't even have the cajones to leave their real name.. just Anonymous. Yeah, right, like I'm going to invest in something unsolicited and from an ANONYMOUS poster. Where do these people store their intelligence? In the freezer? If intelligence was something that got used up.. they'd certainly never run out.. because these spammers don't USE what little they have to begin with.

Made a run to the "big city" to get Meningitis shots for oldest, school supplies for #1 (& only) son, got battery for key with alarm for older car, and scored big on an estate sale. Just ran in on a whim to see if they had any silverware or plates that daughter could use in her dorm. Lady told me we could have anything in the kitchen except the Microwave.. for FREE. She also gave us two small round particle board tables and a wallhanging. She also offered us 3 TV's, but we turned them down.. they were too big and my daughter's roomie is supposedly bringing a TV. I'm really happy about the things we got for free. Not that buying any of that would break us, but it helps to have somethings free, with paying out of state tuition.

I think I have some of the yarn for my Cathedral Window afghan. I really wanted to use Paton's Canadiana.. but I found TLC Essentials on sale at Michaels..for 2.75 a skein. Only problem is that they didn't have a great selection of the variegated. I did get the Shaded Blue Jean, and then some Navy blue and some Steel Blue and some white. Thinking I could use the Steel Blue in place of one of the variegated and the Navy in place of the Black. Then I started looking at other places that carry TLC Essentials and found a place that has a variegated called Dream, that I think would work well with the Shaded Blue Jean, but their prices are higher than I would like to pay.

I really meant to also go to Hobby Lobby today, but ran out of energy. I was so tired and weak I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it home tonight, so passed on HL. Maybe they will have a variegated of TLC essentials that will work with the BlueJean, and I won't have to order my other variegated. I also need to go swimming in my bathtub full of yarn and see what I have of TLC in there.

Mood: Tired, but accomplished.

Music: G&R: Sweet Child of Mine (haha.. what the kids have on their "confuser")

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