Friday, March 31, 2006


Still can't find the camera. Have instructed son when/if it turns up to PUT IT BACK IN THE CAMERA BAG. I KNOW he was the last to use it, but of course, being only 17, he can't admit to any failings.

Since I can't make pictures (and darn it, I had finally decided to post some yarn on ebay to sell), I've tweaked the blog a little bit. I added a feature called "Change Detection". Sign up with them and they'll email you whenever the blog changes.

I feel very comfortable with this service, because I've used them to notify me when a certain web security site is updated ( for those who are also computer nuts). I've never gotten spam from this group and they are very reliable. I hope this will work for my blog.

And thanks to Dee of, I've become aware of a crochet oriented Podcast. It's at Very nice, but I do have one disagreement with the site. I understand her premise that it's hard to crochet and read at the same time, therefore the podcast, BUT.. for those of us who are still on dialup, the podcast is frustrating.

I hope will make alternate communications available, like GRC does. GRC has many methods of acquiring their information, which would probably be overkill for crochetcast, but a simple text file of the cast would be great.

Today has been frustrating in one other way. I ran out of yarn on this afghan I'm making.. 42 sc's from the edge. Argggghhh. Walmart here I come. (after I look for the camera once more).

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