Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Afghan Arrives in NH

Ya'll remember this afghan that I was working on, called Sunrise/Sunset from the coats & clark website?

Here's a picture of it in progress:

click to see larger
Well, I finally finished it, got it washed, got the prayershawl for my girlfriend finished, got it washed, got them BOTH boxed up and in the mail last week. She received them today and is so surprised and her Daddy is so surprised and touched. I've never met these folks at all, only talked with K. over the 'puter (and really we haven't had alot of time together recently.. life has gotten busy). But I know what it's like to have a family member ill.. espescially a father.

Any hoo, here's a picture of the completed afghan.

click to see larger

If I make the afghan again, I will do the border different. It took a whole skein for that solid steel blue around.. and it wouldn't lay flat after all that work. I don't feel like it's my best work, but it's meant for warmth and caring, not for show.. so I sent it on anyways.

I didn't manage to get a picture of the shawl (it would've been another month to mail knowing how disorganized I am), maybe I can get K to make a pic and send it to me. It was(is?) a seraphina pattern made out of Bernat Caress Yarn in Green (one of her fav colors). Bernat Caress is a 100% acrylic imitation mohair.. much like Lionbrand Jiffy.

K & B, I'm so glad you liked what I sent. I hope they will ease your paths through this difficult time.


trish said...

What a lovely afghan. It's a real beauty. Love your site.

Lisa said...

Thanks .. I've already started squares for another one.

LunarAwe said...

That is a gorgeous afghan and a lovely story. What a great gift you have given!