Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekend Journal

Saturday I got up at 1:30 am.. started my walking routine. Still very depressed over needing this surgery.. so cried some more and went to a hysterectomy support site (they're neutral.. supportive of whatever a woman and her doctor decide is the best treatment) to bitch & moan some.

Got my CottonSwap at C'ville's box put together. I finally realized with a surgery date of July 23, I'd better get it in gear. So it's all ready to mail on Monday. I forgot to put a note in the box, but I guess I can write and mail a card seperately. Good thing I buy things on sale on impulse... I was able to put a really nice box together for her. It's already taped up or I'd make pics. (maybe I'll untape the bottom and make pics anyway.. we'll see.)

Got another walk in at 6am. Almost not raining. (we've had ALOT of rain here lately.. I keep expecting to see a man and his family out gathering gopher wood.. if I do.. I'm going to beg a ride.) Got back, cleaned out the front passenger side of the van for hubby and dug around in my yarn storeage and found a skein of yarn for a HIJ/RAOK gift.

Grabbed son's suitcase out of the back of my van to take in the house to pack for me. my suitcase has developed a sticky zipper, so I'm borrowing his.

Packed suitcase for overnight trip to Shreveport. Ate late breakfast.. Hubby came home and he started his packing for a week away from home.

10am..went on 3rd walk of the day. Hubby came with and I was able to complete the walk just a little faster than usual.. even with slowing down to catch breath a few times.

We finally left for Shreveport around 2pm. Stopped by the ProjectLinus coordinators home and dropped off two blankets and an unfinished quilt (son had started project at christmas and then with all the activities of senior year never got back to it. I was going to finish it.. but with impending surgery, I've decided there's no way.. Hopefully they can do something with it.).

Got to Shreveport, checked in. Went to Lounge and had free beers (well.. one & 1/2.. we each had 1 free and bought 1 more to share). Plus a few fried chicken wings to absorb the alcohol.

Then we went to Ralph & Kacoo's for dinner. Yum Yum. We both had she-crab soup and hubby had planked salmon and I had grilled shrimp and we both had steamed veggies. Hubby kept on drinking (martinis).. but I settled back to Iced Tea.. someone has to be a responsible driver.

I couldn't hardly eat any of mine, so we got a to go box. Went back to hotel and I fell asleep about 7:30. Woke up at midnight showered and went back to sleep until 3. Got up and got hubby to airport at 4am for check in. His flight left at 6..

Waited until he went through security at 5:30.. they even made him take off his belt.. lol I went back to hotel.. had breakfast (grits, eggs, sausage, biscuit, waffles.. omg.. I made up for not eating the night before).. then back to room for a short rest.

8am I got back on the road and was home 90 minutes later.

Hubby called me when he got to ATL and GVille and when he checked into hotel. (I'm not usually so insecure.. but with all I'm going through lately.. I'm very clingy right now)

When I got home, I took some very old Lorazepam I had.. and passed out in the recliner. I accidentally spent the night there .. never got moved into bed. I did wake up long enough in the evening to fix the leftover shrimp for my supper.. and bang I was out again.

I'm about to go start my Monday walk.. missed walking much Sunday.. weather was thundering when I was considering it around noon. I did park the car and do some walking around the hotel (this is an oldfashioned hotel.. everything is spread out and NO elevators).. so I hope that counted a little...

Sorry for the book.. but just what I did with my weekend. I still have to drag in my suitcase and unpack & repack. Gonna take a change of clothes with me when I go to Dallas in case the Oncologist suggests some tests that could be done the next day or I'm too tired to make it home that night.

Then next saturday I have to go to Shreveport to pick hubby up. Then Wed. the 18th.. we go through the early flight thing again...but I told him I might beg off from that one.. depends on how much cleaning I get done this week while he's gone. I LOVE him immensely.. but it's easier to get stuff done when he's not here. I have more room to pile stuff on the bed and don't have to continuously clean it off so he can sleep.

Ok ok.. Gonna Post this and go take my 2nd walk for Monday.

P.S. This has become my daily prayer.. and my signature line where I can add it (one place I post doesn't allow religious references.. so I took the reference to God out. If they still kick about it, I'll leave that group.. there's being tolerant and then there's being ridiculous.).
"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." Reinhold Niebuhr

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Anonymous said...

Just a note of encouragement. I had to have a hysterectomy some years ago. Through circumstances I won't go into I was very much afraid of this surgery and had been for a number of years. When it became necessary to have the surgery the LORD gave me complete peace and took me through it in HIS own Loving way. I'm so glad I had the surgery. I am healthier for having had it done. May GOD be with you.