Friday, May 29, 2009


Wow.. it has been forever since I posted.

Weight loss continues to go well. I go back for my next fill on June 2nd.. so will talk about numbers and stuff on a post after that.

I finally felted a purse that I've had made for a while. I call this a pillow purse because I used a pillow pattern to make it.

Here's the good stuff:

Wrong side out.. prefelting

Right side out.. prefelting

Right side out.. with magazine to show size.. prefelting

Right side out.. prefelting.. showing D Ring handle attachment

Right side out.. POST felting.. drying over box.
(horrid lighting.. will try to get better pic up later)

Made with Lionbrand wool in black and scarlet. I've got a crafting date, so must run right now, but will post more details later.

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