Friday, May 01, 2009

rambling through current events

Hurray for Carrie Prejean for politely and without fear speaking her opinion. There may be those out there who disagree with her, but last time I looked, the United States still had freedom of speech. Or is it now only free speech when it's politically correct?

Ridiculous that being for traditional marriage makes you anti-gay, or being against Obama makes you racist. Has the world lost it's mind?

And what in the world is Perez Hilton doing judging a beauty contest anyway? What makes him qualified? His mouth and manners sure don't. Of course, he's probably brought up in a culture that thinks cussing is no big deal. News Flash: The flyover country doesn't talk like that and doesn't appreciate hearing it either.

I didn't walk today.. didn't even make it to the grocery store. I don't know why, but all my energy faded today. I got sleepy about 10am and since I had gotten up at 3, I took a nap. Since then the day has been downhill.

Finally got dressed at 5pm (ah the life of a country housewife).. and am now waiting for dh to get home before I go to the grocery store. Which is probably a mistake as I ate lunch at 3 and that will put me at the store at mealtime. rut roh.

Swine flu..aka h1n1 (p.c. again!!) has hit near hear.. about 50 miles away. Just hoping it doesn't come here although my son would love for his college to close down. One amusing thing I heard on the news a day or so ago was that a newscaster said "it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy a mask", but said nothing about actually wearing it. Yeah, yeah, I know it was implied.. but I still found it amusing. Any bit of humor in a dire time eh?

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Sweet Mama Jones said...

Hey there, visiting from the Ville. Gotta say AMEN to your post - Perez Hilton is a doofus and shouldn't be judging anything, especially Carrie's right to voice her opinion. ;)