Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Celebrate Vitamins

I'm trying out the Celebrate Vitamins . They're vitamins designed specifically for bariatric patients. They sent me a trial package of their calcium and multis and iron with C.

I started taking them last night.. here's my eval so far.

Last night: Calcet creamy bite, Lemon creme. : Ok.. nothing to write home about, but not offensive either.

This morning: Blackberry multi: Pretty good. Actually better than the Bariatric advantage multi in Lemon that I've been taking.

CalciumPlus 500: Berries N Cream: bleah.. was ok until I got to the end and then it became chalky, gritty.

So far they are sitting on my stomach ok.. and this is major as I've had a mild GI bug for the past 2 days.

Will try to remember to talk about the other flavors as I go along.

If you want a sample, email Celebrate Vitamins at success AT celebratevitamins DOT com

(replace AT with @ and DOT with . and remove spaces).


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Lisa said...

not sure what previous commenter meant by quoting Auntie Mame... "Life is delicious feast, some people would rather starve..."

I'm not starving. I eat small nutritious meals 3x day. Much better than over-indulging at a feast.