Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cross Fit

One of my bariatric nurses is a cross fit enthusist. She encouraged me to give it a try. So, I found a crossfit facility in Tyler and emailed and got info, etc. I went yesterday.. here's an evaluation of my experience.

My Crossfit experience:

Crossfit was interesting and while challenging, it wasn't so difficult I couldn't do it. I got there early and had time to talk to the trainer. She explained that they scale or modify the exercise to the individual's ability.

We first ran 400 yards (or was it meters? I dunno.. it was a ways, but not too far). I managed to do all of it running without stopping to walk. It wasn't a race, just a jog. Then we came back to the gym and did some warmup exercises. Shoulder swings, side lunges and "good mornings" 10 each x 3.

Every day there is a different "workout of the day" which they call a WOD. The Wod's are all given female names. Today's was Cindy.

Then we did the WOD. Cindy consists of 5 pullups, 10 pushups and 15 deep squats. The goal was for each person to do as many circuits (5-10-15) as fast as they personally could while maintaining good form.

I cannot do a pull-up, my arms aren't strong enough. The trainer showed me how they work beginners up to doing pullups. They have giant rubberbands that you put your foot in and then you step off into space while holding onto a bar and the rubber-band gives you an assist. I've never been bungee jumping, but it made me think it might be similar.

The pushups were similar to tricep pushups, but we went all the way to the ground, picked our hands up for a moment and then put them down and pushed back up.

Squats were body weight only..and deep, below the knee. My right knee hurt last night so bad I had trouble laying down on the step for body pump and today it still hurts, so if I go back to cross-fit, I'll have to have a discussion about doing squats so deep. It's feeling some better today after working out in step.

I made the circuit 8 times. Not bad for the first time and the difficulty I had getting my foot in the rubberband. The trainer helped when she could, but she had more than me to assist.

Will I stop what I do at my gym and only do crossfit.. probably not. I love the Body Pump and Step and other things at my gym (Tans & Hands in Henderson, TX).

Will I go back to crossfit again? I think so. I enjoyed it and it was something different. Unfortunately, where I live, crossfit is a minimum 45 minute drive, so unless circumstances change, it won't be a frequent visit.

Would I recommend it to others? Give it a try, you might like it. I saw people of all ages and physical conditions there.

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