Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Here comes the Bride (well, the purse anyways)

Here's the purse I made for my niece. This is cebelia thread and 4mm pearls. The pearls are crocheted in place. The pattern calls for them to be sewn on. Not this chickie.. LOL. So, on the next attempt, I threaded the "pearls" onto the Cebelia before starting the purse, and devised a way to incorporate them into the purse as I went. It worked beautifully, see below.

And here's everything I made. There's one purse with pearls (as above) One without pearls but Krenik blending fiber is worked with the Cebelia (this is the one without the drawstrings). The purple one is worked with Cebelia and variegated quilting thread held together, with pearls crocheted in place. I never tried using quilting thread before.. I quite like it. I'm keeping the purple one for myself.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, we were trying hard to get these in the mail, and I didn't double check what my daughter had taken first. The wedding is April 2 and we were mailing these on March 18.. yikes!!

I just finished another little bag (no pics yet) with Cebelia, quilting thread, and silver DMC metallic embroidery thread [the kind that comes on a spool]. It's stiffer because of the metallic thread, but nice. I may try to sell it on eBay as a prom/special occassion bag.

Also included are a garter and two different sizes of Lucky Pennies (one made with size 6 [1.80mm] hook and the other with size 1 [2.75mm] hook). I left them unfinished because I can't find a penny with the right year. I will let the mom of the bride take care of that detail (or the bride, or one of the other aunts.. there's a ton of us).

~~~~I made two of the LP holders because when I made the first one with the size 6 hook, I looked at it and thought "there's NO WAY I can get a penny into that", so away I went with my size 1 hook. Hahaha.. turns out I COULD get a penny into it. I have no current need for a lucky penny holder, so I sent them both to the brides mom and she can decide what to do with the extra. If I find I need one, they don't take long to make up.~~~~

Please excuse the loose ends. Normally I finish things completely, but this wedding is 1000 miles away from me, I can't go (boooohooo) so I'm leaving things to where the bride or seamstress (the brides other aunt) can finish things to their liking. I'm considering making little bags/purses for the 3 aunts of the bride.. but doubt if I will have time to do so. Oh well, less stress for me that way.Posted by Hello

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