Monday, March 28, 2005


I'm sitting here worried out of my mind because it's 10pm, a school night, and my senior student hasn't come home or called yet.

The drama dept at the HS had the UIL (University Interscholastic League) 1 act play competition today, and I expected her to be somewhat late, but not THIS late. We drove up to the HS around 8:30 and left a note on the car she drives to CALL HOME NOW. Also left messages at her teacher's home number and with the local civic theatre where she has been rehearsing several times a week.

I'm going to have a long long talk with this young adult when she finally gets home. Her dad and I provide a cell phone for her safety, and she either leaves it in the car (they're not supposed to have them on school campus) or doesn't turn it on. So what good is having one doing? She recently went to Dallas for a school function for a few days.. and never called to say they arrived. We had to call the hotel late the night of their arrival to verify that the group did arrive. Her excuse for not calling us when she got home? "I didn't know how to make a collect call"!!!! What is wrong with this child that she can't read directions in a phone book or ask an operator or a friend?????

As I type this her dad just came in the room and said she had called, they were just now leaving the restaurant in a town an hour away from here. So, she will be home around 11 or 11:30, if all goes well.

This has been a long long day. I finished the last of 4 more bridal purses for the mom & aunts of the bride, two in what I hope is a salmon pink ~two because I couldn't decide on what kind of beads~, one in royal navy with darker glass beads. Then when I was almost finished with the Navy blue one, I found out the sister it was destined for has decided now to wear Sage green. ACK. So finished the Navy one..and then being there was NO TIME to go shopping for some good thread.. I used some southmaid thread in a spruce color, with pale green "pearls". I just hope it's close enough to sage green to work out.

No time for pictures, I just packaged them up and mailed them with a note of explanation. If they want to use them fine.. if not fine.

While that was going on, the plumber/field line man showed up. I've been having trouble with the grease trap for 2 years.. ever since I started teaching the kids how to cook. Little did I know that when I told them to drain the hamburger.. they were draining it straight down the sink instead of into a bowl to throw out later. $1500.00 later, we've got a new field line, but they still have to pump the grease trap. Seems my contractor poured a cement slab over it when they were making my patio some 13 years ago. I remember them putting a cap on the grease trap then.. and I remember being worried about what would happen if it needed pumping.. but the contractor was.. dont worry, we can just crack the cement... well joy joy.. it's not quite as easy as he made it sound. Live and learn I guess.

Oh, and the field line man had to take down part of our chainlink fence to get his backhoe in.. and we have a dog that is psychotic...and attacks our little dog, so we're having to deal with that too. Can't let them outside at the same time. Seriously, the big dog wants to kill the little one.

I think I need a stiff drink. As soon as the kid who's giving me all the grey hair comes home, I just might have one.

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