Monday, April 04, 2005

I WON!!!

Some time back I had joined an email list at one of the online crochet stores, just to keep informed of when they get new patterns. Yes, I did notice that they had a monthly give away, but thought nothing of it, I never win anything.

Saturday, April 2, I got an email saying "Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of the Fashion Stole Kit from Yarn Obsession."


Read it again

"Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of the Fashion Stole Kit from Yarn Obsession."

Double Wow.

Ok, I think to myself, I won a pattern, that's great. Then I read more in the mail.."Please contact me and let me know which color you would like and where I can send the package."

HUH? Patterns come in colors?

Ok, time to mosey over to the site and see what I didn't remember about this place. Zoiks!! They're not giving me JUST a pattern, they're giving me a pattern AND the yarn to make it.
A Fashion Stole Kit!

oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Looking at the colors listed, it sounds like Homespun for the body and trimmed with Funfur.. oooohhh I love this stuff, I dont care what other people say about working with it, it's soooo soft and cuddly when made up. And I haven't had that much trouble finding where to put the stitches.

Nouveau & Chocolate; Carribbean & White; Edwardian & Black; Ranch & Copper; Covered Bridge Red &Champagne; or Corinthian & Copper are the color choices. I've made my selection, but not telling what I picked out just yet.

I've got more news, but will save some for another post. Now off to find a place to hide this free yarn... LOL.

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