Monday, April 04, 2005

Wool Gathering

I wish I could wear wool. Look at this GORGEOUS coat.

Some fiber related Haiku. This is my favorite:

(One more stitch... One more row... Ah..? It's dawn.)

And one other thing: I recently emailed a small yarn supplier, praising the patterns (all knitted) that one of the owners had asking if by any chance they were available in crochet. They very kindly took the time to write back, but one of their first sentences was "I hate to crochet".

I know it wasn't intended as a personal insult, but it feels like one. I've pondered this for a few days and haven't responded to the person. While I much prefer crocheting and knit very poorly now, I once could do a decent stockinette stitch. I would never say I "hated" knitting.

Perhaps it's from my upbringing, Momma would always tell us that hate is such a strong word and to save it for when we really needed it. And she grew up with a father whose strongest expression was "Tarnation"!

Back to the knitter who hates crochet, I guess I should feel sorry for her, her scope is limited.

Before I forget, here's one more site of lovely work. I want the pattern for the Pineapple shawl in the middle. And CrochetMe's Halcyon Shawl is pretty too.

Sister #2 wants a Fleuri purse in RED RED.. and Sister #1 wants a larger Fleuri purse ( I made her a mini version for her bday). The extra bridal purses went over well.. except now I have an order for another royal/navy blue one. Success is wonderful, non?

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