Thursday, April 07, 2005

Paisley Passion

I recently bought an old magazine off ebay, called Good Housekeeping Needlecraft. It is the spring/summer 1978 issue. I bought it because I want to make this shawl. I think it appeals to the hippie in me. :)

Now to find the appropriate yarn. The yarn it calls for is Berroco Mirabella, which is no longer made. I asked the members of Crochet Partners and contacted the company, and they all gave me the same information:

Mirabella was 87%wool and 13% nylon. 105 yards per 50 g skein, with 4 sts = 1" on a number 9 needle.

Hmmm.. so now I need to find a yarn (that is 20% wool or less.. allergies, mine and husbands) that will work up about the same (or bigger. I don't want smaller) and have lots of colors.

After doing some looking at yarn sites and at, I've
come up with two or three possible substitutions for the Mirabella.
I'm open to other yarn suggestions, but I need to be able to get these
colors (or close to them): Raspberry, Saffron, Lime, Turquoise,
Lilac, Natural, and Rose-Mist.

1) Paton's Melody ~ a little on the chunky side, but has many of the colors.

2) Lionbrand Woolease ~ many of the colors and low amt of wool.

3) Caron Dazzleaire ~ discontinued, but still sells on eBay, and I have a few skeins.

I'm still looking around, but I think these are the main contenders.

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Catana said...

I love that shawl. I've been thinking about making something along that line. Just another old hippy, I guess. Those old magazines are a treasure trove. I lucked onto a batch of 70s American Home Crafts. I originally planned to sell them, but I can't stand to let go of them.