Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Operation Gratitude Scarves

I ran across this group the other day called Operation Gratitude.

It's all about supporting our troups overseas. I don't know how anyone feels about the war (I'm not very happy about it myself) but I worry about our young people over there. Personally, I feel I can support the troops without being in favor of the war... anyhow.....

They are collecting scaves right now to send to the troops. They will take knitted or crocheted scarves (although the site only mentions knit). I've been in contact with the organizer of the scarf drive and she gave responded with this information.

Thank you so much for your interest in sending our troops some nice warm scarves this winter! Here's some suggestions for the dimensions: We're keeping them nice and simple. It's just a straight across knit or crochet with no complications---about 5-6" across and about 38-42" long is fine---and any fiber is fine too. We're not picky at all!

Thicker yarn and bigger needles will allow you to knit/crochet faster, but any size is okay---whatever you'd like. As for colors, I think we will have a variety to send them (and any color is welcome), but if you have a choice take the more masculine colors, since most of the receivers will be males!

And please help spread the word about this wonderful project to anyone who is interested. We started loading boxes for Operation Gratitude this past weekend and will continue through December. If you'd like, put a note on each scarf with your name and address.

I am a Supervisor for Operation Gratitude and am also knitting scarves! Thanks again for your kindness in helping to put a smile on the faces of our soldiers this winter!!!


Sharon Howard

I think they're taking them until December 15th.

Here's the main website for more information.

The scarves are mentioned on the "wish-list" page.

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