Thursday, January 04, 2007

Plantation Crochet

I was browsing the internet... trying to find out why the state of Georgia has two towns named Thomasville..and ran across this site, describing a southern plantation that features crochet.

Actually, I'm sure they mean CROQUET... but I can just see people going there for a weekend of hooking and frogging. >grin<

I found the name of the place that is having the great yarn sale... it's called SewPurlatives. The sale ends Tomorrow, so I need to decide tonight whether or not to swing by. I think I'll ask my daughter how she feels about it since she's my passenger. She's anxious to meet her new roommate (one of them went psycho and moved out with almost no notice.. DD found out by the new one coming over and saying "Hi, I'm going to be your new roommate next semester") so it might not be the kindest thing to ask her to tolerate a stop at a yarn store.

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