Friday, January 05, 2007

Riders on the Storm

Today was an awful day. Not the worst one I've ever had, but it ranks right up there.

Spent the night in Troy Alabama... that part was fine, the hotel we patronize there is brand-new and well staffed. Even the dinner at Ruby Tuesdays was not too bad (had a bad experience at that same RT a year ago.. I got served dirty brocoli.. yeach).

When we got up this morning, I looked out the window to check the weather and noticed there was some wind. and it was a bit rainy. OK.. so we don't drive extremely fast today... little did I know.

It took us 6 hours to make a 3 hour drive. We fought wind and rain all the way ... having to pull off the interstate 3 times to wait out the rain. The third time was the worst as the radio gave us the information that there was a Tornado Warning south of where we were and to get to shelter as soon as we could. Unfortunately, there was not an exit for 10 miles from the time they gave the alert. I know the area, so I kinda knew where the Tornado was sighted and the likelihood that it would come directly to where we were was pretty remote, but still it was nervewracking.

There were times on the interstate that it was all I could do to drive 50mph.. and fighting the wheel the whole time because of water standing in the ruts...

We did finally make it in. We got to the bookstore and picked up two of dd's books for the spring semester, the other one should be ready by Monday at the latest. We also dropped by her dormroom and none of her roomies were back yet, so she's spending one more night with me (YEAH!!).

Tried to do dinner at Olive Garden or Chilis.. but the parking situation was just incredibly awful. Chili's was even doing free valet parking (but I saw where those valets were putting some cars.. and decided that wasn't for me). We ended up going to Barnhills. Not a great place, but it's good and was easy to get in and out of.

My hometown has gotten way too big. Barnhills used to be the Bowling Alley. Where Rosss "Dress for Less" is .. was the old Sears Store. Cabo's (a good mexican restaurant) was the Barber College. Where Gold's Gym, used to be WinnDixie. MusicalMoon was the A&P. sigh... there's nothing like Nostalgia.

Currently Reading: Can't wait to get to Heaven by Fanny Flagg. A continuation of the stories started in "Standing in the Rainbow" and "Welcome to the World, Baby Girl". HIGHLY HIGHLY reccommended. (all 3.. tho so far my fav is Rainbow)


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