Monday, January 29, 2007

Another Baby's Circle

I just finished another Baby's Circle Afghan, probably destined for the Project Linus group, but don't know 100% for sure. (check post on June 11, 2006 for information on where to find the pattern).

~~Begin Minor Rant~~

This pattern is still under US copyright laws and while I am very flattered that people like my work...I cannot "share" or "send" anyone the pattern. Please do not ask me to do so. Whether or not I agree with the copyright laws, until and unless they are changed, I must abide by them. I'm not risking my reputation or family over a pattern for gosh sakes!!

~~End Minor Rant~~

I had this gorgeous variegated yarn, only 8oz of it, but in a babyweight. The baby's circle pattern only calls for 10 oz of yarn and a D hook. I love most of the pattern, except the extreme edges of it are very lacy. I thought I might could get by with the 8oz of yarn if I didn't do the extreme edges.

Well, I was almost right. I started to run low on the variegated.. so I took a leap of faith and stopped using it for a while, hoping I had reserved enough for the flower border, and finished up the spiral/swirl with some other yarn I had lying around. I wish I had had enough of each of the colors in the variegated.. but since I am trying to bust my stash rather than add to it.. I made do.

The pattern calls for repeating until there are 37 dc in each section. I went till there was 27 dc's..

I also used an E hook. Would I have been able to get to 37 if I had used a D? I doubt it, I don't think 1 hook size would make that much difference.

I also reduced the number of dtr's in the flower petals. There's supposed to be 4 dtr in each petal. I tried it and it looked too puffy. So I ripped the whole flower section out last night and redid it with 3. MUCH better. When all was said and done,I was lucky and guessed right on where to stop using the variegated. There's only about a yard of the variegated yarn leftover.

I'm pleased with it and hope the PL folks will be also. I just need to weave in the ends and wash it once to make sure all is well.. and voila.

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