Thursday, June 21, 2007

New WM Uni's

Does anyone else think that the "new" walmart uniforms (navy polo's and khaki pants) look like the "standardized dress" that many schools now require?

I don't know whether to hate the new wm look (MUCH harder to find someone to help you) or to laugh at it and be thankful because it will give those of us who are fighting school uniforms just one more piece of ammunition.

Standardized Dress? You mean you want to program my child to work at WM?? Get REAL!!!!

It's scary though.. I found a website where WM serfs were posting about the new requirements.. and here's part of what one of them posted:

" I have been wearing this uniform for almost 3 years. ... You don't have to wonder what your going to wear, the expense is cheaper ... , and it doesn't make me feel inferior or superior to the management team. You can wear any kind of shirt that is within the colors as long as they don't have any writing or emblems that are not WalMart (they can be plain shirts).

Sounds EXACTLY like some of the pro-uni arguments I've read. Someone (the walmart worker and the people in charge who instigated the new uni) bought the propaganda. :(

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Anonymous said...

As a Wal-Mart employee I don't like the new uniforms because I myself dress very fashionably and I wear bright colors that match my personality. I find the uniforms drab and depressing because blues and browns are sombre colors and I find that my co-workers are not very happy. I think this is more of a punishment then anything else. It's intended to provide a very anonymous look where everyone looks like a carbon copy of each other. I was even told at a meeting that Bentonville wants everyone to be the same. They talk about respecting the individual but when you no longer have individuals you don't have to respect anyone do you?