Monday, June 16, 2008

Alternators, Eyes, Groomers.. what a week.

Last week was a busy one.

After Monday's excitement, I put Sasha on house arrest.. except for Wednesday she had an appt at the groomers.

See what they did with her? I'm very happy with the results:



Only thing was.. I had us all ready to go, her in the car and it wouldn't start AGAIN. I was afraid to leave her in the car while I jumped it off.. with all the door opening and closing, she might just jump out and I not be able to catch her.

So.. put her in the little dog yard (small fenced off area that we made for her to go potty when we can't walk her) and worked on getting the van jumped off. At least this time I had a little easier time finding the hood latch.

Got it jumped off and her to the groomers.. and then when I was ready to go home.. van wouldnt' start again. Oh dear... after a 20 minute drive, the battery should've charged itself if it was going to.. so took it to the auto shop. Yep, my alternator was going bad. Not one in they ordered one.

Told me it would be in at Noon. So, we talked and decided that I would take my van home and put it on the charger overnight and bring it back in the morning. And ds could pick up Sasha from the groomers. I would've left the van if the alternator had been in worse shape.. but they said it was on the verge of being bad. If I had left it, I would've had to call my dh to get a ride home and while he would've done it.. it really throws a kink into his schedule, so I try to avoid bothering him when possible.

That was Wed. June 11. On Thursday, I get all ready to go.. even down to my shoes (I'm a barefoot gal) and think.. hmmmm.. maybe I better call and make 100% sure the new alternator is in. I call, nope, it's not there. Call back around 10. Well phooey.

It eventually arrives around 11:30. I decided I didn't want to drive in at noon with a shaky alternator.. if it should die, I'd rather be stranded when it's relatively cool in the morning.. rather than 90+ at noon.

I finally get it taken care of on Friday. The brakes have been squeaking a bit, so I ask them to take a look at them. They are beginning to get worn.. should be OK for our local traffic, but they said to get them replaced before a long trip. Since August is my trip to Houston, I guess I'll be getting new brakes in July.

I also stopped by the Opthamologists office to try and get my glasses repaired (the ear piece came off Monday.. it pops back on, but it's not secure) and the person who works on my style of frames had that Friday off. I now have an appointment to get my eyes checked later this month.

I also need to get my annual mammogram done.. fun fun. I hope this week is much calmer.


Y2K Survivor said...

I have a problem with dog haircuts. Our dog needs a haircut as often as I do, but they charge twice as much. Now, to my Scottish tendencies, I can't help but think either we are way too freakin extravagant for an outside dog, or I need a better class of barber.

Mrs. Y2K shrugs it off and says, it's because the dog has hair all over and you just have it on the sides of your head.

You always hear about Domestic violence in terms of men beating women, seldom do you hear the sad tales of the battered souls of the verbally abused. (sniffle)

Anonymous said...

Hello I am really glad Sasha is making you guys happy. Although i miss her dearly I know she has a wonderful family. She looks so cute. Take care and keep in touch. Sylvia