Friday, June 20, 2008


Today a year ago I got my diagnosis of Hyperplasia with atypia.

I remember sitting in the exam room with two ob/gyns and my husband and all 3 of them were planning my surgery for 3 days later.. and I was going noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I felt like I was being hit from 3 sides. This is too quick.. you're not even sure I have cancer.... I have a house torn apart by a painter....I have a ds and dd getting ready for college.....

I did eventually have surgery, but on my schedule and with a gyn/oncologist.

Just a little sad today remembering the horrid summer it was last year and hoping hoping hoping that the cycle will begin to turn. I will have my first post-op pap smear in August or September.. we'll know more then.

Things I don't usually talk about that made the last year so hard.. A friends sister died on my birthday in 2006, from a gyn cancer. And I was 49 at the time of my diagnosis.. the same age as my father when he died.

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Y2k Survivor said...

eh... Happy Anniversary? I am glad you are still around for me to torment. heh heh heh