Monday, June 09, 2008

Manic Monday Morning

Well, I have had an exciting start to the week. We've just started letting Sasha outside without her leash because it has been 3 weeks since she started showing signs of being in heat and everything I read said that 3 weeks is about how long it lasts.

Well, this morning, she took off.... last I saw her was runnning across the front yard headed for the wooden fence that seperates our yard from the field.

I went out with treats, walked all around the house and down to the road (we have a long driveway.. about a football field or so long) and back looking for her and calling and calling.. no response. Oh dear. Ok.. time to get in the car and go find her.

Get the keys.. I have a dead battery. With gas prices, I don't drive much anymore and my battery goes dead because of this. About this time, I realize it's Monday and today is the day the trashman comes (country service.. comes once a week in a big pickup truck). Now I'm panicking.. because this trashman has ran over one of our puppies years ago. I know Sasha is somewhat afraid of cars, but she still might be stupid. Trashman is due around 8am and it's already 7:30 when this is happening.

Can't get the hood open. Dang it. Can't find the inside latch to the hood. Call hubby and ask him where IS it. And tell him about the Dog. He says just do the best you can. I go back and finally get the hood open, put the charger on and jump the van off. Whew... go and close the front door that I had left open hoping Sasha would come back on her own.. grab some doggy treats and go looking for her.

As I'm driving slowly down our road calling her name out the window.. I hear a woman call out.. "Are you looking for a dog?" I say "I sure am.. I'll be right there" and get turned around and drive down to her house. Sasha had gone visiting. The lady had called the Pet Finder number on her tag, but they wouldnt tell her where I lived. All they could do was call me. I didn't get the call because I was in the garage trying to jump off my van!! LOL

Evidentally Sasha has not finished her heat.. the ladies pit bull was trying to mount her! Oh My. I think we'll be making an appointment to get her spayed very soon.

I've had my excitement for the day... All of this happend BEFORE 8am. And I was driving down the road in a thin caftan type robe sans underwear of any kind. Good Grief! what our loved ones put us through. And here I was thinking I want another dog.. I should have my head examined.

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Y2K Survivor said...

We used to go through that. There is actually a birth control pill you can give your dog. Or at least that's what the pharmacy guy said he was selling us years ago out in Western Oklahoma.