Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Use it up

Being raised by Depression era parents, one of their mottos was "make it do, use it up, wear it out".

I'm using it up.

This is from yarn from my stash... Paton's Canadiana in School Bus Yellow, Deep Orange and Orange Salsa (discontinued variegated). Even more economical, all were bought on sale when Hobby Lobby was getting rid of their Canadiana. Too bad they no longer carry it.. I've gotten to love it.. it's a great yarn.


Stitches used:

Closed Shell (5dc), Wave, Star Stitch (also called Marguerite Stitch), Closed shell (6dc), Somerset Stitch, a stitch that I don't know the name of..kind of a spike stitch.., trinity stitch, forked halfdouble, Closed shell (5dc), Wave stitch, reverse wave, Catherines Wheel, a row to end the catherines wheel .. making an even row, star Stitch, two rows of sc, Odd forked Halfdoubles, a row of sc, then reverse sc around the edge and inside the handles.

Most of these can be found at various places on the web if you're not familiar with them. Others I got out of my Harmony Guides (300 crochet stitches and 220 more crochet stitches) books.

I'm still not quite satisfied with the handles on this one, but decided I'd go ahead and leave this and improvise something different for the next tote. Yes, there's another version of this brewing in my head.

What do ya'll think? Other than the bright colors.. hehehee.. can't miss this thing could ya?

I used about 1 skein of the yellow and orange and 1/2 skein of the variegated. I still have more yellow and orange and some green I bought on ebay.. a little more expensive than what I paid at HL.. but not much. Considering gas prices.. it was probably a huge bargain for me since HL is 40 miles away.


Anonymous said...

great job

Anonymous said...

Very nice job! So the colors are a "little" bright... they look super together!

CathySmith said...

You did a great job! Very pretty, and the colors are attractive! It has inspired me again! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Might I suggest on the handles since they do look a bit stretched, delete some chains when doing the handle part and see if that helps eleviate the sag look. I love your color scheme by the way!! I can't wait to see your next one.

Cindy said...

Wow! I really like this bag. Very nice job. I can see it with wooden handles as well. Nothing wrong with the colors. Will be sure to get noticed :)

StageIVSurvivor said...

Hi Lisa -
Love your purse and your blog site! Crocheting got me through cancer.

I too am a survivor of Stage IV Endometrial cancer. In 2001 they gave me 6 mo. and said there was nothing could be done. Stanford University gave me 3 mo. of radiation. 1 yr. laters there were innumerable mets. in my lungs (never smoked). Then came 14 chemo treatments and near death twice. I stopped the chemo in 2004. They said I wouldn't survive long.

Went on a flaxseed oil & cottage diet (Dr. Johanna Budwig). I'm still here - Dr.'s are amazed!! (see yahoo group "flaxseedoil2")

Nice to meet a fellow "survivor" of endom.

Lisa said...

Stage IV survivor... Thanks for commenting. I wish I had some way to contact you to talk some more.

I was only stage I.. but it's still a scary scary disease. I'm soooo glad you're a survivor.

I'll take a look at the info you posted about flaxseed oil.