Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doctor Visit

I went and saw my bariatric surgeon today.

I had last saw him in June 2007, and was just beginning the process to get a lapband when the bottom dropped out of my world (found out I had cancer).

I called his office last month and today was the soonest they could get me in. Said since it had been so long, they advise that I start the whole process over again.

Good news.. my blood pressure was dead on normal. 120/80. Monday at the dentist it had been something like 150/83.. but situational hypertension I don't think is a problem.

Bad news.. I've gained about 10 lbs since June 2007. Yikes. I didn't really have any room to gain, but I did.

So, along with getting ready for surgery, I'm going to try to lose some weight preoperatively. I took the Dog for a short walk (I'm out of shape gonna have to work back up to long walks) and had the whole neighborhood of dogs all excited.

Our neighbor has a puppy that is as big as a pony and he had to come visit. Glad I took my walking stick in case someone decided to be aggressive.

I have to be evaluated by a psychologist or psychiatrist b4 this surgery. I'll start on that tomorrow.. and go check out curves and see how much a membership there will cost.

OH boy. Tons of fun.

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