Saturday, October 18, 2008

Retro Reading

I rarely talk politics on this blog. I don't like arguments and people do tend to get heated about their beliefs.

But with the two major choices we have for President, this year I will have to vote some other way. Maybe Bob Barr. It sure won't be the green party candidate.. Cynthia McKinney (who in their right mind would run her as a candidate, let alone vote for that nut???) In case ya'll don't remember, she's the representative from Georgia who tried to bypass Security and then cried discrimination when the guard stopped her.

But I digress from my original point. Which is I keep seeing our country slide into socialism and it scares me.

Maybe the old AVC courses should be revived in our high schools, or even better, make some of Ayn Rand's works required reading in English class. And have the students discuss the works. It would serve us better than having to read Beowulf.

I remember having to read Anthem. And enjoying it so much that I went on to read Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead all on my own (I confess that I skipped over her multipage diatribes.. but the rest? pure nectar).

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