Monday, October 27, 2008

Worried Mom

Color me worried.

I have a 21y/o dd far away at college.

She has not answered her cell phone all weekend. She has not answered today. I've left messages, no response. I've written emails... no response. I've even sent her a text a little while ago (something I never do.. because it's an extra charge on our cell phone plans) and no response. This is after going through this same thing about 2 weeks earlier.

If I don't hear from by tomorrow, I'll be calling the police where she is and seeing if they'll go find her.

There is no phone in her apartment, and I don't know the cell #'s of any of her roommates. I've asked for her friends cells.. she always has an excuse not to give them to me.

Daughter Dear.. PLEASE contact me. You have no idea how scary this is. You are going to kill me with worry.

EDITED TO ADD: Finally reached her at 4AM. Same old story, didn't have her phone turned on. I'm so frustrated I'm about ready to stop financing her education if this doesn't improve.

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