Saturday, February 12, 2005

Alienware Rocks!! kinda

Finally had the time to finish cleaning out my little "hole in the wall" where my old computer resided before aol ate it for lunch...thanks for the memories aol.. never never never install anything above aol 5 on an older wrecks havoc and the damage is almost always unrecoverable from. :(

So, since my system was nearly 4 years old anyways, decided to get a new one.. went with alienware this time instead of micron..

So far the system is great... but installing starband hasn't gone well, and the case on the main cpu is cracked. :(

Fortunately the damage is only on one side.

We will see what happens next week when Customer Service receives my email with the pics of the damage. :::keeping toes crossed, can't type with crossed fingers::: Posted by Hello

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