Tuesday, February 15, 2005


just a couple of links today:

poptop hat

yes, it says knit at the bottom of the page, but it truly is a crochet pattern.

crocheted carrot (for dieting?? hehe)

and I soooooooooo want this bag:

I sent an email to hubby asking for it (the bag, duh!), too bad valentines has already passed.

I've been so busy with cleaning house (omg, the mess a teenage boy can make.. I think we cleaned 3 large black trash sacks out of his room and there's still mess, but at least now you can see the carpet in about 85% of his room) and setting up new computer and work that I've hardly had time to crochet. Last night I tried to crochet but fell asleep with the hook in my hand.. LOL.. woke up several hours later still holding it.

My approximation of a Sierpinski shawl is coming along nicely. Instructions I started with are here. Alternate instructions here. Mine won't be an exact Sierpinski because I wanted more of a curve to fit over the shoulders, so I'm making some alterations to the pattern. I think I like it.. who knows, maybe I'll frog it and start over. eek.

I'm making it out of some vintage Bernat Savannah, which is an acrylic/cotton blend. The color is misty blue. I had 7 skeins which I think it going to be just enough, but I started getting panicky that it wouldn't be enough around skein #5, so went looking for more. Luckily, the YarnBarn had 3 skeins available and a wonderful price (not being sarcastic.. 1.50 a skein) so I got them, sight unseen, just hoping they would match. They arrived yesterday and I think they will match (haven't checked numbers yet, way too busy) and even if they don't.. I can do something else with them.

ok, i hear the hook calling me....

PS. sorry about all the goofed up links.. think I got them all fixed now... what I get for trying to post while child is waiting to use pc. That's my story!! :)

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