Thursday, February 17, 2005

Brave New World

Had a study group over here last Thursday... senior AP English class had a project to do on Brave New World ( I dont know how I managed to escape reading that in High School, guess I have to mend my education now) and these girls waited till the night before to pull the project together. Typical!

Although I can't really blame them, I do my best work when under pressure. Something about having a deadline somehow makes thoughts conjeal into something worth putting on paper.

Anyhow, this girl was walking through the house just amazed at all the yarn I have.. I guess it takes "new eyes" to see what we are used to. I started thinking about it and I have yarn in every room of the house except the kids rooms, the bathrooms and my husband's closet. Oh dear, sounds like I have let it get out of hand. :( Time to stay away from eBay for awhile.. ouch!!! Either that or SELL some of it that I bought on sale.. (which is why I bought it to begin with, thinking I'd make a profit..LOL.. now I can't stand to let it go)

I started showing my daughter's friend some of the things I've made, and she fell in love with the purple handwarmers.. so I gave them to her. She just went on and on.. How did you know my favorite color was purple.. I love these.. thank you so much. I am so glad to see them go to someone who will enjoy them. My own offspring wont wear anything I make.. sheesh.

Btw: the people who put out the SnB book are going to do one for crochet. Check out the post at getcrafty.

almost 6am, time to wake the youngins...and to look at new templates for this baby...

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