Saturday, January 28, 2006

Crochet Olympics

I hate sports. I really do. I REALLY hate watching them on TV. I think this stems from my childhood and having only one TV in the house and the men being allowed to bully the females about what was watched on the Television. Probably the main reason I despise football.

I've never gotten over the idea that a guest in my home was allowed to dictate to me what I could watch on the television. Rudeness and discrimination.

So I never got over it. I got better, I got revenge. I still hate sports on TV.. but now I crochet through it if I can't avoid it.

I'm going to have my own version of the Olympics.. Crochet style. The wonderful folks over at crochetville are starting a Crochet Olympics CrochetALong.

Rules are:

The rules are:
1 - The project must be a challenge for you to complete in the specified time frame.
2 - You can NOT start until opening ceremonies (Feb 10, 2pm Eastern Time)
3 - You MUST finish by closing ceremonies (16 days later, Feb 26th)
4 - You can do prep work before (guage swatches, winding, etc), but no working on the actual project.
5 - Pick something that is doable, but challenging. Do not set yourself up for failure.

For those of you who knit.. Yarn Harlot is having a Knit Olympics. Some brave souls are doing both!! yikes!!

I hope to go buy my yarn tomorrow. I might take son and hubby to go see "The End of the Spear" and shop while they're occupied. hehehee

Several people have asked me what the purpose of having a Crochet Olympics was. My first thought was "does everything have to have a purpose?" But not wanting to sound snippy (and while the response does sound sarcastic and snippy.. it's not, it's a real question), I have replied with these are the reasons/purposes to have a Crochet Olympics:

1) Fun
2) A self challenge
3) something to do while watching the Olympics
4) an excuse for another project
5) all or none of the above.

Off to work on my hat-a-week project. I would be half finished by now, but the pattern writer put two patterns in one long post and didn't put a note to refer to the stitch instructions at the beginning for those making the second item. grrrrr. I had to sign back on the computer and find the post all over again to print the missing instructions. I would've winged it, but I had NO IDEA what a ALTSP was. LOL. ( it means Alternating Stitch Pattern, I'll probably never forget that now).

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