Friday, January 06, 2006

The Lord Provides

I took my daughter to the airport yesterday to send her back to FSU. Cried while watching her go through the checkpoint. I was ok until then. The screener felt sorry for me and offered me tissues. I kept on crying as I walked back to the car.. everyone in the airport looking at me. I didn't care. That's my baby.. the one I waited 15 years to find the right father for. I had wanted to have a baby since I was 15, but waited until I had the right situation. (Now everyone can closely guess how old I am >grin<)

I was messing around on Crochetville this morning, trying to keep myself occupied and keep my mind off my daughter being gone, and I found this wonderful charity project. The Orphan Foundation of America has a Red Scarf project going on. They want to have 2500 scarves to hand out to their college age kids (OFA advocates for older foster youth who were never adopted and provides a comprehensive scholarship program).

Now I know why I was led to make all those scarves last month. God works in mysterious ways. I even have a 6ft long red scarf that I made for my daughter that she decided she didn't want. Well.. off it goes to the Orphan Foundation.

This means I have to get busy this weekend and make lots of pictures. UGH. The foundation needs to have the scarfs by January 20th. Nothing like a deadline to motivate me!!! And to help me keep my mind off missing my baby.

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