Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pictures du Jour

Baby blanket I made several years ago. I think it's just plain ole RedHeart.. because I know I made it before I knew about "other" yarns. *grin* I had intended to donate this to ProjectLinus, but hubby has claimed it. LOL.. no, he's not going into his second childhood. One of the technologists that work for him is having a baby and the department is having a shower for her this Friday. He wanted one of my blankets to give. I showed him the ones I currently have made up and he picked this one. I'm very honored, cause he's very picky about certain things.

Homespun Montana Sky and Little Victory pattern from Lionbrand. Made for ProjectLinus.

Circular Baby Blanket also intended for ProjectLinus. This is made in Caron 3/4 pound. Color name is BabyRainbow Ombre. Dyelot # 45532. I ran out when finishing the edging.. If ANYONE has some, please email me at Lisatm at gmail dot com. I'd like to work out a trade or I'll even buy it from you (if the price is reasonable). I can't find Caron 3/4 pound listed on Caron's website. I've written them to inquire if Caron 1 pound is the same yarn as 3/4 pound, but have had no response.

Close up of where it ended. :(

Same Circular BabyBlanket, only using Caron Natura and this time I didn't run out!!

Extreme Closeup of the Completed Edging.

Caron TriColour Cluster Hat

My own pattern.. designed for Homespun, but this time made up in plain ole Red Heart.. to test the pattern for other yarns. The hats are for the Hat-A-Week CrochetALong at Crochetville.

Scarf made for the Red Scarf Project. *I know it's not Red*.. they said they'll take other colors.
Scarf pattern is Unamed Scarf at Crochetville.
Well, I need to get off of here and do laundry and make more pictures. Things have to go in the mail soon.


Dana Riggins said...

I love the circular baby blanket - where did you get the pattern? I would love to try this. I am just a beginner (i taught myself about a year ago) do you think I could do it? I would appreciate any info my email addy is - thanks so much!! Dana

Anonymous said...

Try baby rainbow ombre in the 10oz size @