Friday, March 02, 2007

Frazzled Friday

Letter to my sister (names and places have been concealed for an attempt at privacy)

Thanks so much Sis (and DBIL and DN) for being willing to do this for us.

Last time I checked (no time to check this morning) they weren't assigning seats on the first flight, infact, the flight looked overbooked. So DD will need to be there more than an hour ahead of time to make sure that she gets a seat. And please make sure that she has her Travelers Checks.

I'm running a bit frazzled this morning. Had my van in the shop earlier this week, just to get it serviced..routine maintenance. Picked it up yesterday and about the time I got in the driveway the check engine light came on.

So I have to take the van back in again this morning. Now, here's where the stress comes in. DH and DS have a trip planned this weekend for Senior Weekend & so DH/Dad can visit the campus and so that DS can attempt to test out of some freshman classes.

If the van can't be ready enough to make a trip to the airport (about 90 miles one way).. I might have to go with the boys tonight and then drive up Saturday afternoon to pick up DD. I'm frantically doing laundry while this is being typed and checking the hotel to see if they will take small animals... in case our vet can't keep Madchen on short notice. This realization came to me at 2:30 am.. and I've been doing laundry since as once I take the van to the shop, I may be stuck there for several hours with no ride home.

It will all work out.. The two towns are only about an hour apart...but I tend to worry when things don't go according to plan. It's all in Gods hands I know.. but it does help to prepare!!

Thanks again for being such a helpful sister.

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