Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm Just Saying............

Why in the world do people move to a new area.. have a superior attitude, make insulting remarks about that area or population and then wonder why they haven't made any friends since they moved there?

Is it just me or does that make no sense at all?

I'm just saying.........

Another thing that bothers me to no end... since when has the whole world gone broadband? I know I am on the low end of the bell curve having dialup in the US.. but last I heard, most of the world doesn't have fast internet.. just the United States.

I am frequently closing webpages that have oversized pictures (learn to slice or resize your pics folks!!.. if I can learn can you!!)or the sites that have music without a way to turn it off?? ewwww.. instantly closed. Worst of all are the commercial sites that force a flash display on me willy-nilly. If I want to buy shoes, a dress, flowerbulbs, powertools, whatever your widget is.. I don't want to spend 5 minutes waiting for a flash movie to load. grrrr You've very likely lost a customer.. I will move on.

And the folks on eBay who think they attract customers with all the backgrounds and supersized pictures?? for get it. I espescially hate the mouse trails.. I once told a seller that his mouse trails were irritating and kept me from wanting to bid on his item. Idiot cussed me out in email, and blocked me from bidding!! HAHAHAHA.. Idjut did me a huge favor. Can you imagine the trouble I would've had with a seller with that kind of attitude?

And what is it with alot of sellers doing private auctions now? I refuse to bid on those. Way to easy to hide Shill bidding (friends and/or family bidding on the sellers item to drive up the bid) when auctions are private.

I'm just ranting...........

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