Friday, October 05, 2007

Going Green thanks to my BIL

After my surgery, my sister and brother in law came out to take care of me the second week of recovery.

Unlike me, my bil has to have something to do, so I found several small jobs around the house that my hubby and I just had not gotten to, or frankly, didn't know HOW to do.

Here's the results of one of the jobs.

I LOVE the smell of line dried clothes.. and sheets dried on the line are my favorite. They smell of sunshine and childhood. And now that I've reached the 6 week mark in my recovery, I can begin to use it.

Thanks again dear sis and bil for all you did for me. I won't soon forget your loving kindness.

"For whatsoever you have done to the least of these, ye have also done unto me".


Y2K said...

OK If I ask this question does it give me the appearance of owning my own vagina? See, I don't like line dried clothing because it is too stiff. I like the downy comfort you get from a tumble dry.

Plus... Mrs. Y2K forgets things for days on end and I am too busy trying to prove my manliness (Non-vagina owner) it bring it in for her.

Lisa said...

What in the world does "owning a vagina" have to do with conserving energy and saving money?

If you like the softness of dryer dried clothing.. you can always toss them in the dryer for a minute or two after you bring them in.. takes the stiffness right out. Besides.. have you ever checked into all the chemicals in Downey?? ewwww. White vinegar in the rinse cycle works just as well and is MUCH less corrosive to the environment.

As to the manliness issue.. if you're manly enough to pink your blog.. you can stand to bring in the clothes. Of course there's always Y2K-ette and Y2Kjr.. make that one of their chores.

y2k survivor said...

Ahhhh you mistook the phrase "Downy comfort" for meaning we use the fabric softner of that name (or cheaper generic equevalent) and while it is quite possible (how the hell would I know?) I just meant the soft down like feel. I think we do use bounce sheets.

And you are right, looking like I own a vagina is a lame excuse, but it sounded better than, "I don't want to get off my big fat ass."

Hey I am glad you are recovering well. I enjoy your blog.