Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dogs and Friendship

Madchen (the sick doggie from the previous two posts) is still at the vet. When I called yesterday about 4pm, they said she was still having seizures, but at the moment was resting comfortably. They're trying to get the seizures under control.

I'm so afraid that she's dying.

Yesterday before I took her to the vet, she was doing strange things. She tried to walk into the pantry.. never did that before. I took her into the bathroom with me while I was getting ready because I was worried about her. While in the bathroom she tried to walk into the shower.. and she HATES the shower. She was walking into walls and into things. She also peed on me as I was carrying her to the car, which is not normal for her.

Last night I dreamed of her, healthy, happy, ready to play. I don't know if I will get that happy dog back from the vet. I'm so scared. I think I'm experiencing anticipatory grief.

Well, on to happier subjects.

Two of my sisters had birthdays this month, I finally got their gifts in the mail, so now I can finally post pictures.

The first one is for my oldest sister. It's called a Celtic Knot Shawl and the pattern is at

I know the picture is dark, sorry. There's a better picture on the website. I'm hoping I can get my sister to model it after receipt.

I made it out of Caron Simply Soft in Dark Sage. The picture on the friendshipshawl site shows it in soft sage, which is ok, but I liked the dark better. I didn't measure the shawl, but it seemed to come out very large. I think if I ever remake it, I will try it with dc's rather than the trc's that the pattern calls for.

The next one I call a Seashell Shawl (quite a tongue twister, no?) and it went to my youngest sister. Very apropros I think as she lives not too far from the coast.

It's called Seashell, because that is the color name of the Caron Simply Soft I used. Which I believe Caron has discontinued. Me and my luck with Caron.. sheesh. Seashell doesn't look impressive in the skein, but when it's made up, it just glows!!

The pattern is also available at


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I am so comp illiterate so I don't know to go back to read why your dog is having convulsions. Recently we have had very good results with neurontin or gabapentin, even for dogs with very difficult convulsions after distemper.

The best to you and your dog. It's hard to have one of your pet being ill or even worse loosing them.

Lisa said...

The vet said the convulsions were due to heart failure. We didn't agree, but the point is moot.

Her seizures while not constant, became uncontrollable. Every time the IV valium wore off, she'd start having grand mal seizures again.

Between the seizures and being old and having heart failure.. she just wore out. She passed away on Feb. 17, 2008 at 14 1/2 years old. A long and happy life.

Thank you for your supportive words.