Sunday, February 17, 2008

Old Movies and CT Scans

Been watching classic movies all yesterday on TMC. Katherine Hepburn is greatly missed. I got to see African Queen, Rainmaker, Pat and Mike, Woman of the Year and The Lion in Winter.

I love the movie "The Lion in Winter". Not only am I somewhat of an Anglophile (lover of things british), but I also enjoy history and the interplay of people. I had always wondered what the "Aquitaine" mentioned in the movie referred to, this morning I finally took the time to look it up. Turns out the "Aquitaine" is a large bit of land in France, about 1/3 of current France.

In looking at some of the websites about Eleanor of Aquitaine, I found this quote: "No one ever mistook Eleanor of Aquitaine for a saint." I LOVE it. And no wonder Katherine Hepburn played the role so well. The part in the movie where Eleanor talks about going on crusade with her first husband (King Louis VII of France) dressed as an Amazon is true!! That sounds very like something that Kate Hepburn would do.

While I am too much of a homebody to want to have such adventures myself.. I do enjoy reading and watching others exploits.. even ones from many hundreds of years ago.


Tomorrow I go in for a CT Scan to follow up on my cancer. First time I will have to have IV contrast. Hope it doesn't nauseate me.

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